Union County Education Appreciation Drive-Thru event

April 2, 2021

Serve Unity helped to coordinate and manage a county wide appreciation drive-thru for local teachers and support staff of Union County schools including public, private, charter, head starts and daycares.

We planned, coordinated, managed and enlisted the help of other volunteers and support to collect items for donation bags which included sanitizer, Kleenex, face shields, gift cards and other items. We worked collaboratively with a local small business to house the inventory, manage deliveries and set-up the location for the event. 

Serve Unity Event Metrics

Hours of coordination and management time by Serve Unity

items inventoried

care packages assembled and distributed

Social Media Posts/Stories written

Donors Coordinated (Including 6 Corporations)

Social Media Post engagement

Because of the success of Serve Unity’s coordination and management of the event; 650 teachers, assistants and support staff received bags day of the event. We are still filling another 30-50 bags for some teachers or support who could not make it due to quarantine or other sickness. Additionally, we are arranging some drive by parades for teachers who have recently had losses in their family, or they are battling illness.


Serve Unity will continue to monitor the Facebook page to highlight the happenings and education personnel throughout Union County. We will also be helping to plan, manage and coordinate mirco events throughout the year.

For more information on their mission and how you can get involved find them on Facebook

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