February 6, 2021

Last weekend we had the honor of serving with a organization called, The Relatives. They are located in Charlotte, NC. We were first introduced to them by a friend after hearing our personal story. She said, “Your husband Richard (when you first me), his family and others served as “relatives” for you when you needed it the most. This organization does just that. They stand in the gap as relatives for children in need. You should connect with them to see how you can serve.” We first served with them 3 years ago! 

The Relatives in Charlotte Logo

It really resonated with my heart because when I was in the hardest places as a teenager,  I didn’t have a relatives house to run too. I had stand in relatives not by blood like my husband, my best friends Jessica, Courtnay, and Melissa. They provided me shelter, food, friendship and encouragement. 

Two of my best friends since Middle School (Jessica and Courtnay)

We had a wonderful time volunteering with the Relatives organization this past weekend. 

Serve Unity has now established an ongoing serving schedule with them. This past weekend our boys played virtual bingo with the kids at the Relatives over Zoom. It was so much fun! Then we partnered with two small businesses (The Spot Eatery and Lounge and Simply Tasteful in Monroe, NC) to provide a soul food meal and dessert the kids and staff. It was great to take organizations from different counties and connect them with a need.

Bingo Night w/The Relatives

Growing up, I remember longing for a close family. I missed out on a lot of memories with extended family since we lived so far away from our family in Alabama. I truly believe the gaps I felt in support were filled with people who were family not by blood but by the DNA of service and care for someone like me. Serving others is not restricted by family relations. I’ve even had managers at work stand in as a relative for me when I needed help. 

If you or someone you know are in need of a Relative, please email us at [email protected]. We would be honored to connect you with someone who can help. 

Help us be a Relative for The Relatives by donating to our service fund. We have monthly meal dates set up to help them. We will prepare a meal to deliver and serve. We’ve also signed up to do game nights too!

For more information on The Relatives organization visit: