Teaching People to Serve while bringing unity through service

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We exist to bring people together through the power of service in life, education, community and business.

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Who We Serve


We teach people to serve! We provide training and mentorship to develop a servants mindset and way of life for people. Serving is good for mental, physical and emotional health. Serve Unity Outreach can help you connect and onboard  with the right organization that fits you! 


Serve Unity Outreach supports schools by being a one stop shop for organizing, planning, connecting and coordinating outreach activities, supporting the needs of the school or education center.  This can be providing teacher, student, and parent appreciation outreach, support to club development, motivational speaking and creative ways to make school the best outreach it can be!


Serve Unity Outreach helps to mobilize volunteers in the community to support needs of non-profits.  We provide support and project management for outreach project and initiatives. We directly serve with food banks, shelters, and many other organizations serving individuals, children and families.


We provide training and mentorship to develop a servants mindset within the business sector. There are so many ways to do this. We can provide motivational talks on the power of serving or coordinate projects with teams or small groups within an organization or business.  Serving is a good way to strengthen the brand of any organization and help change the hearts of it’s people. 

Our Why

We believe that serving others should be a core tenet of everyday life in school, work and community.

Serving can be used to manifest growth and shape character in individuals and families.

Our Leaders & Staff

The Baker Family

Serve Unity Outreach Founding Family

Richard and Ulunda Baker cast the vision for Serve Unity Outreach 15 years ago. After personally experiencing the support through acts of service from others as they overcame poverty, homelessness and other generational chains of struggles. In 2020, standing in their kitchen locked away in the middle of a pandemic they heard the call from God to go serve unity. Even if it only changes the life of one person inspired by The Parable of the Lost Sheep.

This is a favorite of Ulunda’s because it reminds her of how Richard intentionally served and supported her when she was experiencing homelessness and poverty as a teenagers and now they are on a mission to serve others even if it only changes the life of one!

They have always believed in giving back themselves in community, education and family. They committed to not only serving as a couple but also raising awareness for organizations and bringing unity through service and teaching people to serve. Between the two of them, Richard and Ulunda have professional experience in Corporate and City/County Government . They have served on education, church, and non-profit leadership teams, boards of directors, and outreach teams. The Baker family including their sons, RJ, Chris and Matt put service at the center of their family mission.

They invite you to join them on their mission to serve!

Service Pillars


Serving in the community is the right thing to do and gives us an opportunity to have an impact on the world around us. It allows us to connect with one another for a greater purpose. 

We raise awareness and help increase volunteerism for local non-profits and other service based organizations.


We believe in the power of instilling the importance of service at a young age. We partner with schools to come in and teach, do workshops, and share information on ways students can serve each other, in their family and the greater community around them. 

We consult school boards, leaders and those who support education on ways to serve and instill a service based culture.


We believe serving can change the dynamic of a family unit and help start and reset legacies in families. We believe in the power of working with adults and their families to serve together and make serving a part of their DNA as a family. This helps people  to reset their mindset from being a consumer to be a giver of time, skills, and other ways to help their fellow neighbor in some way.

Serve Unity Outreach literally teaches families to serve!


There is great value in adding serving to the mission of any organization. Not only is there tangible benefits to develop out character in your people. But the ability to drive connection between your organizations and those in the community is invaluable.  

We want to work with those in business organizations to inspire employees to serve!  

Serve Unity Blog

Union County Education Appreciation Drive-Thru event

Union County Education Appreciation Drive-Thru event

Serve Unity helped to coordinate and manage a county wide appreciation drive-thru for local teachers and support staff of Union County schools including public, private, charter, head starts and daycares.



Last weekend we had the honor of serving with a organization called, The Relatives. They are located in Charlotte, NC. We were first introduced to them by a friend after hearing our personal story. She said, “Your husband Richard (when you first me), his family and...



It was after I experienced the power of support and service from others in my early years as a child that I started to see that serving others was not just the right thing to do but something we all should commit to do in our lives. Growing up my family battled...

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